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North Carolina has over 1.6 million residents with a criminal record. These residents face a myriad of barriers to successful reentry. The Center for Community Transitions helps by providing client advisement, job preparation, support, and much more for people currently incarcerated, living with a criminal record, and families impacted by incarceration. Our motto is "Buidling People, Not Prisons". Join us in our efforts by giving today!

Traletta's Story

When Traletta was arrested, she had very little in relation to a job, savings, or prospects. What she did have was a criminal record and an uphill battle to convince employers she was worth the risk.

But Traletta also had something else; perseverance and help. She entered CCT's LifeWorks! program, which provides people with criminal records with the tools they need to reach their professional and personal goals. The program left a lasting impression.

Within five days of graduating from LifeWorks!, Traletta had a job. Over the following years, she put in blood, sweat, and tears to better her life, and along the way she found community organizations willing to help.

While holding a full time job at the blood bank, Traletta went back to school at a local community college and completed her human services degree. She spent her free time volunteering at CCT. Each of these places saw past her past, and made it possible for Traletta to move forward and succeed.

Last week, five years after her arrest, Traletta got her dream job. She is now a Client Adviser for LifeWorks! at CCT. Her story proves that better is possible because of generous supporters like you.

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